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Student Moodle Support
How do I submit an assignment (essay) in Moodle?
What if I don't have Microsoft Word or PowerPoint?
What is an enrollment key and how do I get one?
I have an enrollment key but it doesn't work. Why?
I ran out of time before I submitted my quiz or essay and nothing was saved. What do I do?
What are Moodle forums?
How do I only show my current courses in my Moodle home page?
Why did the answers/grading of my quizzes disappear?
Faculty Moodle Support
How do I use Moodle to email all my students?
How do I find/change my course enrollment key?
Where is online help about using Moodle features?
How do I change my username, password, course title, or start/end date?
How do I download grades to my computer in a spreadsheet?
A student has two Moodle accounts in my course. How do I delete one of them?
How do I deliver an activity and give a student extra time to take it?
How do I stop/start receiving email notices about students submitting activities?
How do I use the Turnitin Moodle module?
How do I change the number of weeks or topics in my course?
How do I switch to the student role?
I can see an item but my students can't. What do I do?
How do I change the point value of a quiz after I've created it?
How do I use Turnitin without using Moodle?
How do I make week or topic areas visible or invisible to students?
I can see my course in Moodle but my students can't. Why not?
How do I change how many quiz items students see on each page?
Moodle Accounts and Enrollment
How do I create an account in Moodle?
What if I lose my Moodle username or password?
Do I need an FRC email address to use Moodle?
Can I use my FRC email username and password for Moodle?
FRC Email Support
I forgot my FRC email username or password. What do I do?
How do I get an FRC email account?
How do I access FRC email using my cell phone or other mobile device?
The FRC Email login page isn't accessible or gives me an error message. What do I do?
FRC Website Management
Who manages the FRC website?
How is the FRC website structured?

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How do I contact FRC faculty or staff?
Main Phone Number: 530-283-0202 Toll Free: 1-800-442-9799 Link: Full Campus Directory Office Extension Admissions 291, 222, 285 Financial Aid 603 Counseling/Advising 313,...

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